What my writing process looks like….

Well, sometimes it looks like that.

But, mostly it looks like this…

I’ll then spend some time looking at Twitter and seeing how everyone out there is much more productive than I am. I’ll get frustrated and slam my laptop shut (then apologize profusely because I love Molly the Macbook).

I’ll call my Mom and Heather and make them listen to me talk about these characters like they are real people.

And after I’ve done this about twelve times I’ll sit down with some post-its and do this.

2015-08-05 23.03.43 2015-08-05 19.21.28

These are timelines and chapter synopsis. I know that I can do this all on my computer with Scrivener. And I typically do once I’m happy with what I’ve hand written, but there’s something about sitting down with my paper and pens and putting things all over my wall. I enjoy those things.

I learned this process from a writing class I took with the amazing Jackson Pearce back in 2012. I was about 3/4th of the way done with what would later become the book that helped me realize I was an actual writer. Jackson talked about using a hallway in her house and just posting these notes and how you can move them, take them down, make new ones. And I never need an excuse to buy pens and post-its. Seriously, two of my favorite things.

I have a pretty bare wall in our library/formal living room (we are so not that fancy, it’s mostly the room the dog destroys things in) so I use it. When you’re dealing with potentially six characters with different stories you need to see where they intersect. I visually needed to see where the characters were at and when, this was the best way for me to do it.

Once I’ve got a good timeline and chapter synopsis (sort of) I sit down and put it all in Scrivener. Then I write. Or stare at the screen until it’s time for me to pick up my Smallest Child from preschool.

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