The other day I announced that I’m writing a new blog on my personal Facebook page. I did it without really thinking which is how I have to do a lot of things otherwise I will overthink it to death. But, the reason this was sort of hard for me is because this blog focuses more on my writing and not so much about the insane things my kids do. I’m sure that’ll make an appearance though.

This is me admitting I’m a writer.

I knew earlier this year that I was going to make writing more of a priority. Before when I knew I needed to write but had wasted the few precious preschool hours I had to stare at the internet, I’d just console myself by saying that it didn’t really matter. I wasn’t a REAL writer. It wasn’t like I had a deadline or anything.

But, with this new school year I made the decision that it WAS going to matter. I WAS going to take myself seriously as a writer. But, I’ve always been hesitant to announce that my occupation was writer. Mostly because that leads to the inevitable question of what have you published. And I’m pretty sure that the GH Fanfiction I wrote back in 1999 and posted on the AOL Liz/Lucky message boards isn’t what folks are asking about.

When I signed with my literary agent back in the spring I didn’t make a HUGE facebook post about it. In fact, I didn’t say anything on purpose. My friends and family knew. I posted a little thing on Instagram. I did announce it on Twitter, but on Twitter my name is KatiTheWriter, so that makes it pretty obvious what I do. I know that even if you sign with an agent with one book, there is no guarantee that book will sell.

But, here I am.

I am a writer. That is what I do.

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