I have just finished Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography. I zipped through it in just a couple of days. It helped that I couldn’t do much in the way of writing because my internet was out. I’ve had this book for nearly a year, but I put off reading it because I wanted to wait until I had the ability to savor every second of it. And it was SO worth it.

I’m not going to write a review, per se, I’m just going to note a few thoughts I had while reading it.

He is so terrifically candid. He is open, self-deprecating (like any good actor would be), and honest. He discusses realizing he was gay, his life while doing Doogie, and everything in between. It’s beautiful in it’s openness. There was never a second that I wanted to put it down or to skim over it. I devoured every word.

So, it got me thinking when I was re-living the Doogie Howser section. I was a HUGE Doogie fan. I remember watching the preview for it in the hospital during one of my last treatments. The show premiered not long after I finished chemo. I remember being so excited because Doogie was a cancer survivor. I’ve ALWAYS remembered that the way Doogie became interested in medicine was because he’d had leukemia as a child. And there he was, a full-fledged teenage doctor with all of that drama.

And it hit me. I think that Doogie Howser, MD might be the only childhood cancer survivor in pop culture (I ran this theory by a friend who agreed with me). I’m pretty sure he’s the only kid to get diagnosed with cancer and live. And that’s just stupid. We do live. And we have lives (even if I don’t know of anyone who became a doctor before 15).

So! Hey! NPH! Thanks for representing us in the media.

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