I’m scurrying away on revisions and occasionally writing new words on a new story. It’s fun, if not disorienting to go between worlds, but it does make me feel pretty productive. With all of that, the things I love this week are all pretty writing related.

  1. Pens. I love pens. I love to write by hand in a notebook until it falls apart. I love the Staedtler fine liner pen the most. But, really, anything that is a fine point felt (IE Sharpie pens and few other brands) are ones I’ll gravitate to.
  2. Journals. My first absolute favorite journal was found at Powell’s in Portland. It was an Eccollo brand and sadly I’ve never found one that was quite like it again. I wrote my first ever completed book in that (well, parts of it). I just really loved it. I’m currently using a Markings notebook that I just found at Staples (and was on sale) and surprisingly I love it too. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fiiihevzmyji724/Screenshot%202015-11-05%2010.00.05.png?dl=0
  3. Scrivener. Okay, this is a divisive topic, right up there with which football team you pull for here in the south (Go Dawgs!). I love Scrivener. It’s got a learning curve and I feel like to get the best use of it you have to go through the tutorial, but once you do… man. I just love the ability to write scenes, even if disconnected that I know I can move later somewhere else and make it fit. I love that it has an index card type of system that you can use to see where you’re at. And at the end you can compile it to see what it’d look like on an e-reader. All that to say, some people hate it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o45jljhn16ro45i/Screenshot%202015-11-05%2009.51.57.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hczpifusgb0jm29/Screenshot%202015-11-05%2009.52.20.png?dl=0
  4. Sara Bareilles. I just adore her. I adore her music and all that. I wrote my last MS while listening to Brave Enough (which was recorded at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta- one of my favorite venues). She has a new album coming out TOMORROW! And it’s a recording of her, but it’s the songs she wrote for the new musical Waitress (based on the movie with Carrie Russell and Nathan Fillion) so it’s like TWO of my favorite things combined! So ready! Get it on pre-order wherever you get music. Except CD. I don’t think you can pre-order those anymore. I don’t know. I haven’t bought a CD in years.

So, there you have it. Things I like this week. They’re pretty much my favorite things every week. But, this week you get pictures and links.

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