I swore to myself that I wouldn’t read in November. That’d I’d scroll Facebook or read my Entertainment Weekly but that would be the extent of it. Then, somehow I stumbled upon Katie McGarry’s books. And my life sort of had to stop while I moved in with these folks.  If you follow me on Twitter you know this to be true.

and then later…

And at this point in my life I’ve read three in about 72 hours and have started the fourth. So, that should tell you something.


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I just want to live in these books.

The things I love about these books is that there’s just the perfect blend of imperfect characters, flawed systems, steamy romance, and just enough vulnerability from all involved. I’m a sucker for a good rescuing story. It goes back to my days of wishing someone would rescue me (I rescued myself, but doesn’t mean I couldn’t long for that someone). And my deep infatuation with Lucky Spencer and the fact that he rescued Elizabeth. These books took me back to that time in my life and I reveled in it. I wanted to just curl up and in live in these books.

Her female characters are rich and complex and have bad hair days while also dealing with extremely difficult situations (mental illness, drug addiction, etc). I really like the balance she uses with these moments where they are dealing with such insurmountable issues while dealing with normal things as well. I couldn’t pick a favorite one (mostly because I’m only on book four) because there are things that I just love about each of them.

And the boys. Ugh. I’m such a dork when it comes to well written but flawed boys. I love a boy with a good backstory. I don’t need a bad boy just one that’s complicated. And her guys are. They are complicated while also being nurturing and I just love them. There’s a richness to them that’s only there because they are flawed.

I also like that the adults in their lives are not stupid or out to get them. They are fully realized people which doesn’t always happen in YA. They also don’t always come around to liking the protagonist which I liked too. That’s truthful. You are not going to be able to please everyone all the time (something I still struggle with).

These are romances, so there’s a pattern and there are some of the typical romance tropes, but I was never bored or felt like just because I knew what might be coming like these were less-than anything but special. That’s what I was looking for. I wanted a good YA romance and I found it.

So, in short, go read these books. Seriously.

PS- I’m not gonna talk about how many times I cried because of these books.

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