I stole this from my sweet friend Cara Lynn…

“Remembering those no longer present who taught me much about living as they battled this disease called HIV/AIDS; Honoring those who continue to fight the fight…until there is a cure!”

For two summers I spent a week working with children and teens were infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. I remember loving each and every one of those kids. The sweet girls in my cabin ranged from 5-9 (that sweet five-year-old wasn’t supposed to come, but got away with it since her siblings were there- she was not going to be left out). I knew who was HIV+ and who wasn’t but it didn’t matter. We were just interested in making sure these kids had a great time. I was ASTOUNDED by the fact that out of all of the special needs camps I’d worked at (I love summer camp. I love camp where kids can be kids despite disability/income/disease/etc) that these kids were my healthiest. They would run circles around me. It was exhausting while being amazing.

On this day I remember my sweet girls, their families, and the awesome campers at camp.

*For privacy reasons I can’t post photos and I’m not naming the camp. If you’re interested in knowing more contact me. KatiGardner at gmail dot com.

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