I’m in a slump.

I can’t seem to focus on anything longer than about three minutes and then it’s all… giphy (4)

And it’s frustrating. I want to focus. I’d wanted to READ and READ and READ during the month of December, but I can’t seem to concentrate for more than a sentence or two.

I blame this partly on the binge reading I did at the end of November, the fact that it’s just a very busy month, and the fact that I finished a book that left me out of sorts. Sometimes books that you don’t like just stick with you. This one did.

giphy (5)

And because of my shortened attention span it’s hard to get words on the page. I know that I need to do it, but I feel like I’m fighting with my computer. I’m trying to be kind to myself, to spend less time on FaceBook and Twitter (which lately just make me angry because of opinions I don’t agree with). I’m trying to be more present in my life. I’m trying to be forgiving to myself for not putting down lots of words or reading lots of books.

Sometimes you just need ice cream and TV. IMG_2561

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