The slump is over! Well, momentarily. Most of the time I will only admit I’m in a slump as I’m on the way out. It’s weird.

A person I follow on Twitter mentioned re-reading vintage Julie Garwood yesterday and that reminded me that she was my gateway drug into admitting that I was a romance reader. It was hard as a teenager to admit that I really loved romance novels because they had lots of heaving bosoms and bare chested men. They weren’t “real” books. They were the books your grandmother read and that you secretly made fun of.

But, somewhere in my high school career I found her books. I know I started with her historicals. I’m not sure which ones, but I remember borrowing them from the lady I babysat for. I DEVOURED those books. And soon started reading other authors that before then I would have scoffed at.

During college is when Harry Potter came out and I discovered some really great children’s/ young adult books. I fell in love with contemporary YA by reading Sarah Dessen (I saw How to Deal and that the movie was based on her books and scooped them up) and Meg Cabot.

Who were your Gateway authors?

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