2015 is ending in just a few hours and this leads me to being inevitably reflective on the previous 365 days.

It wasn’t a bad year.

But, I’m fairly PollyAnna about life so unless it’s years like 1989 (which even then wasn’t a total suck), 1999/2000 or 2003 (trust me on this, these years were tough) then it’s almost always going to be better.

The Highs of 2015.

I got up the nerve to query agents. That was a big step for me. It was the push I needed to admit that I was a writer and that it was what I wanted to do with my life.

I met new critique partners. Rachel and Mary are two of my favorite people out there. They’re REAL with their critique and helped me find some more solid footing in some of my less-than areas.

I got signed by Eric Smith with PS Literary. This was obviously a pretty big deal for me. I could wax poetically about this for days, but it’s still in my top 20 life moments (somewhere after having lunch with Tom Hanks- I’ll tell that story sometime).

I learned to take criticism. Like most artists the need to defend my work is pretty solid. But, it’s good to listen, let it sink in, take what you need. It could hurt. It could be a bitch and tear at your soul, but chances are you needed to hear it. I know I did.

My family. I have an incredibly husband who takes every opportunity to brag about my writing. He reminds me that just because I might not be physically writing that I can be thinking about it.

My girls. They are spectacular in the way that your own children are. My Oldest is shy, reserved, and has an imagination that I could only dream about. But, this year I’ve watched her open up. I’ve watched her fall in love with camp, find a joy in reading, and obsess over every dog around.
Littlest is a delight. She finds joy in everything. Her vocabulary is now less Wookie and more words with thoughts and stories. It’s fun to listen to her talk about her day at school. How she tells people she “needs space,” and gets confused with her best friends memories (no, Littlest, you did not break your leg).

Friends. My friends, on line, off, near, and far. They have been what really made 2015 a year to remember. When we moved from Atlanta my heart was so heavy for the friends I was going to miss. But, like all good books, I found more friends. I also discovered that my friends in Atlanta didn’t forget me. They still wanted to hear how our lives were and included me in theirs.

I also met a huge new group of Online friends. I was able to help authors with questions about prosthetics, amputations, phantom pains. I was able to read books and give my thoughts on how those things were represented. I found a group of people who get what this whole writing thing is like (Lucky 13!).

So, in reflection- it’s been a good year. And I have all the hope in the world that the next will be just as fulfilling. Thanks to each of you for making it so wonderful.

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