Let’s discuss this.

Let’s talk about the way that disabilities are represented in our media. Let’s talk about the ableist attitudes of our nation and what we can do about it.

I never saw people with disabilities on TV/Movies/Plays. Never. There were the occasional special guests. Or sometimes an able-bodied actor will play a disabled role (I’m looking at you Superstore on NBC). But, people who live normal lives with disabilities are rarely shown in our media.

Let’s change that.

I encourage all of you to buy Becoming Bulletproof. I encourage you to NOT watch shows that have abled-bodied actors playing disabled roles. I encourage you to seek out books about characters with disabilities of all ranges (visible or not).

And if you’re not sure what to do in real life when you encounter someone with a disability. Here’s a handy video to help you out.

Tell me your thoughts. Tell me what you currently see. Maybe I’m just old and jaded and not seeing the representation out there.

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