I’m really excited to say that I am a part of the 2016 cast of Listen To Your Mother: RDU. I went last year to watch my very great and amazing friend perform her piece and I laughed and sobbed. All in one evening. I’m excited because it’s a chance to combine my two very favorite things.

  1. Performing
  2. Writing

I’m not posting my piece here because I want everyone to come see it, but when it’s over I’ll post the written version as well as the YouTube link. I really love the piece I’m working on for this.

I’m also excited to get to know a bunch of other writers/performers who are in the show with me. I was STUPIDLY excited to see my friend Liz, who I first met when our kids were on the same YMCA soccer team, and then we reconnected at the SCBWI- Carolinas conference. I don’t know any of the other performers, but I’m excited to hear their stories.

It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve performed (outside of the occasional church or just speaking. It was great to audition again, to sort of stretch myself that way and to feel the way the you push yourself just a bit. I don’t see myself auditioning for anything else anytime in the near future, but maybe I’ll find a class or two.

In the meantime I’m writing. And I’ve got a post (or four) about that coming up.

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