I know this is going to end up being one of those things that I need to spend a lot of time talking about. And I’m sure it’s going to come in waves and spurts. That’s how my camp stories were when I was a kid (and an adult). I have to process it and think about it before I can write it all out or tell all of the stories.

In October I found out about the Madcap Aspiring Authors Workshop. I applied and then just sort of made myself forget about it. The faculty was TOO amazing. There were only 42 slots. It was going to fill up and there was just no way I was going to get in.

I knew that I was going to find out in January if I got in. The day came and went. Sometime in the middle of the day I got an Email that because there had been so many applicants that they were going to spend a few days letting everyone know if they were in or not. I remember when the email came through and I saw that I got in- I sort of freaked out.

I wasn’t entirely sure I was ready for whatever was going to happen.

On Monday night Court Stevens had us put our hands together. Just clasp them. We did it a couple of times. She asked us to take notice of which thumb was crossed on top. Lastly she had us put our hands back together, but the other thumb on top.

It was uncomfortable.

Court talked about how they hoped to stretch us. To push us to dig deeper.

And I realized in that very moment that I was going to be uncomfortable for the next few days.

But, it would be the kind of uncomfortable that made me grow.


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