Procrastination by Decoration

WARNING: this whole post is about the home projects I’ve done lately and how they help me write (that’s like a paragraph at the end).

Surely I’ve mentioned the Lucky 13 here? Right? We met through Natalie Parker’s Agented Author Hook-Up (do you have an agent? Are you unpublished? Get into a group). A while back we started coming up with awesome panel ideas of conferences. They were mostly silly and amusing ideas we had about how to pass the time while writing.

My favorite way to procrastinate while writing is to redecorate. I hadn’t realized this was a thing with me until I found myself hoisting junk out of our playroom/office two Saturdays ago and demanding my children pick out toys to donate. Since then, reclaiming the office as a workable space for all of us has become a fixation. It started with the clearing of junk.

It moved onto refinishing the desk I’d bought at a used furniture store about a year and a half ago. I debated back and forth about whether or not to paint this desk.


But, I’d bought some chalk paint back in January with the idea that I couldn’t use it until I cleaned the room. I’d cleaned the room. So, down went all the blue painters tarp to keep me from screwing up our floors (too much). And I went to work.

It took two solid coats and close to three in other areas, but I really liked the way it was looking.

And then I remembered seeing some of that sticky wallpaper at Target on sale. So, off I went to Target to get it.

IMG_0355 I was only doing one wall in this. It’s too busy for the whole room, and frankly I’d get bored with hanging it. It’s pretty easy to hang (and I imagine, easier, if you have two functioning legs). And if you’re good at math and measuring I think you could do it even quicker. My brain doesn’t like working that way so I just hung and cut.

I’d say it took me a good solid three hours to get the whole wall done, which isn’t bad since I had to make things match up and stuff.


I then rearranged the room. This is one of my favorite activities and I’m sure I’ll do it a bunch more over time.

And I built an ikea rolling cart. I’m going to put pens/paper/crafty stuff on it for me and my kids to be able to use. At least right now that’s what I think I’m going to do with it.

Ideas? What would YOU do with this?

And here’s the finished desk in it’s new home.

Yes, it is pink. It makes me happy.


Somethings I’m not quite finished with in here:

  • I’m making two reading nooks for my girls. I have some bookshelves in an entryway that will make wonderful cozy nooks once they’re cleaned and a shelf is removed. I’ve got some fuzzy rugs and I’m waiting on pillows.
  • I need to move some bookcases in here. I’m thinking I’m just going to move them into the closet in this room so I can shut the door.
  • I need new knobs on my desk drawers. I bought some handles, but there’s math that goes along with putting those on. If I just do new knobs it’s a little less math.
  • Hanging art. I want to have art in this room. And more than just my kids awesome art.
  • Setting up a command station. I’ve got a bulletin board and a dry erase board to hang. I want to paint the frame of the bulletin board first to accent the desk.
  • Find a new chair and reupholster it. I like to buy used furniture. I like projects.
  • Find two small-ish desks for my girls.

While I was doing all of this, I was thinking. I was plotting. I was working through some things with my MS that I wanted to fix, but needed to process it. So, I worked and painted and cursed as I hung sticky wallpaper around windows. But, in the end, I’ve been able to put words on paper. And that’s a great thing.

I told Jason that if I had to redecorate a room every time I plotted that we’d have a completely decorated house eventually.

But, for now my brain is sort of calm and I can write.