I love a good list!

  • So, I really love my writer friends from all over. My MadCap crew, my Lucky 13 folks, and the writers I’m getting to know from the YA Bootcamp I’m participating in.
  • My Real Life Writer Friends. We all write in different genres and have completely different style. But, I love just sitting in coffee shops with them and writing. They don’t care if I don’t talk. And actually probably prefer I shut up so we can all write.
  • Audiobooks. When my brain is unable to function because life is too much audiobooks are about the only way I can “read.” I just finished THE RAVEN KING (GO READ THIS SERIES) and CINDER (I’m behind on this one). Both have been really great books and books that I’ve enjoyed distractions with.
  • Twitter. Because of the above mentioned attention span issues, Twitter has been perfect for me. I can typically think in 140 characters or GIFs. Are on Twitter? Find me! @KatiTheWriter (also that on Instagram but I mostly use that for selfies and my kids).
  • Podcasts. I really love various NPR podcasts. Embedded is my new favorite. But I regularly listen to Pop Culture Happy Hour, Ask Me Another, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, and Theater People Podcast. I used to listen to Writing Excuses and still find it valuable, but I like longer episodes.
  • Good new for people! Lately some friends have gotten good news, book deals, news from friends who are on submission, friends that have gotten into writing programs. Just good news for friends.
  • And ACTUALLY WRITING. Writing a few thousand words when I get the chance. And it makes me happy. I’m trying this thing where if the words aren’t coming on once scene, I skip to the first one that makes me excited. I write it. I’ll fill in the gaps later.

So, these are things making me happy! What about you?

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