When I am actively working on a project, the first draft at least, I set up weekly goals for myself of things I want to cover in the week. I do this on Tuesdays because it’s my first day to have “office” hours when I don’t have children to tend to.

So, on Tuesday I take out my outline which I’ve done on notecards and taped into a notebook. I look at it. And I compare what I’ve already written. Sometimes something I’d planned on doing has already been written previously and unless it needs reiteration for story purposes, I don’t have to write it again. I take out my favorite pink dry erase marker and I write the weeks goals on the whiteboard behind my head.

I like goals. I like seeing where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. I know that sometimes things happen and I don’t hit my mark. So, I try to be easy with myself. The theater person in me, or maybe just my personality that has been refined by years of professional theater, I have a hard time being late to things. Even deadlines I set for myself.

Do you set weekly goals for yourself? If so what do they look like? If you don’t, what your way of tracking your progress and staying on course?



  1. Thank you for literally motivating me and showing me how to be better organized. When I was in practice and while I had the house alone I was very organized. Since my wife retired (we are also best friends) everything for us is free-form. I need a schedule for working out, Yoga, writing, photography, and all the routine things. Again, thanks.

  2. Ditto Pooping Wheelies ‘”free-form” methodology. Not too organized at the moment…sort of a rebel writer – pantser, doing it by the seat of my pants. But am trying to do better. Thanks for this encouragement. It was very helpful.

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