So, here’s a thing about me.

I really love revising.

Drafting takes me a while because I’ll sit there and just stare at a page and my brain is all, “I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS BUT YOUR FINGERS WON’T WRITE IT!”

I spend a lot of time thinking about my story before I ever really write anything down. I have typically figured out most of what’s going to happen. Or at least the points I want to connect together.

Once I’ve gotten the draft down, the points all connected, my favorite part happens. That’s when I edit out most of my words (okay, not most) and then re-write the stupid thing. That’s when I spend a lot of time thinking about phrasing and voice and making sure my characters are distinct and that stakes are high.

When I’m drafting I typically get an epiphany or two (or six) and have to change some of my back story to make it all fit together. I know a lot of authors that just keep plugging forward on the draft and fix it in revisions. I can’t do it. I just sit there and think and think and obsess about what I’m going to change. So, I typically go back and make it fit. I do cyclical revisions of sorts. It helps me get in the groove of the book again and make my characters sing a bit more.

Once the MS is together, the first 2/3rds have usually been edited a few times. Which means I have to make sure I spend just as much time catching the back end up. I didn’t do that enough with my last MS and I regretted it. But, now that I know more about my own process, I make sure to do that.


In Atlanta I had TWO local and independent bookstores that I frequented.┬áBoth places were wonderful and had quirks that I loved about them. One had a cat that wrote in their newsletters. One was a children’s bookstore and I had friends that worked there. I was very sad when we left Atlanta and I wouldn’t be within easy driving distance of either of these places.

But, Raleigh has a great independent bookstore. One that I adore. One that has a staff that knows me and my children. That sees me walk in and asks how my own writing is going. Over the summer Quail Ridge moved locations and when I walked in last week to their brand new store Abbe pointed just on the other side of the children’s section and said, “There’s the teen section! When can we put up your book?”


Someday my favorite bookstores will have my book on their shelves.

But for now, I love going and seeing all of the potential that’s there. The stories to fall into, the dreams that exist between those covers. It gives me hope that my book will be there someday.