In Atlanta I had TWO local and independent bookstores that I frequented. Both places were wonderful and had quirks that I loved about them. One had a cat that wrote in their newsletters. One was a children’s bookstore and I had friends that worked there. I was very sad when we left Atlanta and I wouldn’t be within easy driving distance of either of these places.

But, Raleigh has a great independent bookstore. One that I adore. One that has a staff that knows me and my children. That sees me walk in and asks how my own writing is going. Over the summer Quail Ridge moved locations and when I walked in last week to their brand new store Abbe pointed just on the other side of the children’s section and said, “There’s the teen section! When can we put up your book?”


Someday my favorite bookstores will have my book on their shelves.

But for now, I love going and seeing all of the potential that’s there. The stories to fall into, the dreams that exist between those covers. It gives me hope that my book will be there someday.

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