So, here’s a thing about me.

I really love revising.

Drafting takes me a while because I’ll sit there and just stare at a page and my brain is all, “I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS BUT YOUR FINGERS WON’T WRITE IT!”

I spend a lot of time thinking about my story before I ever really write anything down. I have typically figured out most of what’s going to happen. Or at least the points I want to connect together.

Once I’ve gotten the draft down, the points all connected, my favorite part happens. That’s when I edit out most of my words (okay, not most) and then re-write the stupid thing. That’s when I spend a lot of time thinking about phrasing and voice and making sure my characters are distinct and that stakes are high.

When I’m drafting I typically get an epiphany or two (or six) and have to change some of my back story to make it all fit together. I know a lot of authors that just keep plugging forward on the draft and fix it in revisions. I can’t do it. I just sit there and think and think and obsess about what I’m going to change. So, I typically go back and make it fit. I do cyclical revisions of sorts. It helps me get in the groove of the book again and make my characters sing a bit more.

Once the MS is together, the first 2/3rds have usually been edited a few times. Which means I have to make sure I spend just as much time catching the back end up. I didn’t do that enough with my last MS and I regretted it. But, now that I know more about my own process, I make sure to do that.

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