Who out here in the world works on multiple projects at once? I’m contemplating writing more than one at the moment, but I think it’d confuse my brain. Do you draft more than one story at a time? Tips? Ideas?


My Badass Promise

Dear Friends,

This is my Badass Promise. I will not give up on you. I will not let your voices be silenced by hate. I will continue to write badass books about those of us with disabilities and chronic illness. I will never write a book where we are magically cured, but instead where we are just plain badass.

Today my friends, I have been so sad. And frightened. I’ve been scared for my friends who could lose their very means of survival. I have spent most of the day wondering what I can do. How can I live in a country that so clearly doesn’t recognize my existence?

I will be a loud badass.

I will take a stand when you can’t.

I will make America recognize us and teach them that Disabled isn’t a dirty word.

This is my promise.

Tomorrow I will put on my shit-kicker boot and start making my stand.

All of my Love,


NaNoWriMo: Some Advice

There are approximately one bazillion NaNoWriMo advice posts out there. But, here’s mine.

  1. Don’t let numbers stress you out. New words still equal new words. Whether you hit your daily goal or not.
  2. Find the joy in it. If you aren’t happy writing that scene, write another. I’m writing the scenes I WANT to write this NaNo. I’ll add in connective tissue later.
  3. Walk, exercise, drive around, stare out a window. Something to let your brain breathe. I know that when I give my brain a break for a bit that I can focus better and write more.
  4. Drink tea. Or coffee. Or Diet Coke. Whatever it is that makes you happy.
  5. Plot or pants. Outline or not. Just write.
  7. DO NOT IMMEDIATELY QUERY AGENTS WHEN YOU FINISH YOUR DRAFT. That one needed repeating because it’s one of the most important. I started a NaNo novel in 2011. Now, I took some time off (sometimes a couple of years) but I am still revising that novel. Take some time away from the draft. Let it sit in your brain and percolate there. But, DO NOT QUERY THIS DRAFT RIGHT NOW.
  8. And this one I stole from Mary Kole who wrote the book Writing Irresistible Kidlit. “Write for your reader self and not your writer self.”

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