Dear Friends,

This is my Badass Promise. I will not give up on you. I will not let your voices be silenced by hate. I will continue to write badass books about those of us with disabilities and chronic illness. I will never write a book where we are magically cured, but instead where we are just plain badass.

Today my friends, I have been so sad. And frightened. I’ve been scared for my friends who could lose their very means of survival. I have spent most of the day wondering what I can do. How can I live in a country that so clearly doesn’t recognize my existence?

I will be a loud badass.

I will take a stand when you can’t.

I will make America recognize us and teach them that Disabled isn’t a dirty word.

This is my promise.

Tomorrow I will put on my shit-kicker boot and start making my stand.

All of my Love,


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