I noticed something interesting on the Buzzfeed article that featured me last week. One of the comments said “I will be praying for the 13 people in this article.” or something to that effect.

Okay, I am a person of prayer. I will take all the prayers people want to throw at me.

But, don’t pray for me because I’m disabled.

I’m fine.

Pray for me because the world at large seems to think that accommodations means a special privilege or an advantage. I promise you that my disabled parking space is not because I deserve to be in the store faster than you.

Pray for me because there are things that are often hiding behind my “I’ve got this” attitude. Somedays, just like every other single human being, I’m not so sure I have ANY of it.

Don’t pray for the disabled simple because they are disabled. We are fine. We’d be more fine if people stopped putting their limitations on us. We’d be more fine if people would stop looking to us to inspire them. We’d be more fine if you saw us as complete and whole human beings.


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