I’ve said before that I don’t love the idea of New Years Resolutions. That I do most of mine around my Birthday. But, this year is a little different. I needed some re-focus and the fact that it was right at the New Year helped.

I spent most of the last two months mourning the democracy of America. Not just because my candidate lost, it was much deeper than that for me. It is an actual fear of my life, my friends lives, and our country. And it’s fine to be fearful, but it’s also important that I fight where I can.

My refocus for the New Year is all about Radical Self Care. For each person this is different, but what it looks like for me is, making time for me.

My self care involves working out and going to yoga. Two things I enjoy but that my grief had taken away. It means waking up early to read and sit in front of my happy light. It means taking my meds each day (I’m TERRIBLE at this). It means eating breakfast and lunch and not just snacking for six hours. It means not letting anyone come in and take away from writing time. I have four hours Monday-Thursday that I can work. I can’t let my own errands get in the way of that and if it means taking my kids to the grocery store, I will. And it also means that if I need a day off to watch bad TV and crochet, I will do that too. And I will not feel guilty.

Because I can’t fight if I’m not my best and doing these things helps keep me at my best.


  1. I’m putting together a Radical Self Care plan as well. It’s very similar to yours. Take better care of my health, something I haven’t been doing, and guard my writing time and be more focused (which I think will get easier the more I take care of my health.) Happy New Year, friend.

    1. Absolutely. I think the same thing. I’ll be more focused if I’m not so scattered and thinking about what I should be doing. I really like my habits tracker and bullet journal for these things. Happy New Year, friend!

  2. As usual, great points. I have not formed such a coherent self care plan, but am determined to do better for myself. This past year, with great blessings and more than one true miracle, has taken its toll on my health, spirit and even my actual appearance. So I am taking steps to get back a healthier me and live the next 30 years in a happier, healthier state. Thanks for the good remunder. Pleasee keep writing for us.

    1. I know how a year like you’ve had can take it’s toll. It’s great blessing comes with tremendous worry, and then we neglect ourselves. I’m trying to focus on how I feel when I’m doing something and how it makes me feel later.

  3. Thank you for the insight into making good decisions for self. I love that it’s not a “resolution” as such, but a well thought out plan. I too am returning to my writing after several months of being stalled. It feels good to be creative again, and your words can help serve as inspiration if I find myself slipping again. As always, thanks for your candor and honesty.

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