I woke up to the most lovely thing before Christmas. My friend Christina had posted a picture of a Lego person her son had made.

Lego Kati by Caleb

In his amazing imagination he wanted me to play a role and realized that there were no Lego people that looked like me. So, he ripped a leg off and made his own forearm clip crutches. His older sister pointed out that once he took the leg off of the Lego it couldn’t be reattached.

Caleb didn’t care. Lego Kati went on to fly the Millennium Falcon that day. Not once did he think Lego Kati couldn’t do this because she has one leg. And will always have one leg.

This whole thing reinforced my belief that all types of people can be in all types of stories. Disabled people can climb Mordor. A person of color can be in a time travel novel. Be a brilliant writer and write the hell out of those stories.


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