Hello Friends,

I know that right now we’re all feeling uncertain and tired and maybe a little raw and beat-up. I know I am. I know that I sort of hold my breath every morning when I check the news. Which of my civil liberties is being denied now? Who is being oppressed by our government? Why can’t we be kind to one another? To recognize human life?


But, here are some steps to take to being politically active. They are concrete things you can do RIGHT NOW.

  1. 5calls.org is a FANTASTIC resource. It links you directly to your senators/congress people and gives you a script based on the issue you wish to discuss. I know that I personally only have the emotional energy to concentrate on 2 issues a week. Now, that sometimes changes based on what is happening right then. So, don’t feel like you have to make all five calls. ALSO if you have phone anxiety, a lot of us do, call after hours and leave a voice mail.
  2. Volunteer for your local party. Find your HQ and offer to help out. You could be stuffing envelopes or answering phones.
  3. Protest and donate to charities if you can. These grassroots protests that have been happening have helped restore my faith in humanity. But, also note that many of them are not accessible to people with disabilities. I know for me I often WANT to go but know that it just won’t be accessible. And I also know that many of us just don’t have the expendable funds to donate. And if you want to check out a charities rating go to CharityNavigator.org to see their ratings.
  4. Know your facts. Know why you believe a certain way. Examine what it is that drives you. Have facts from reputable news sources. Always check something before you RT on Twitter. We all have to do a little more homework now in this era of fake news.
  5. SELF CARE. Give yourself permission to read a book. To write. To go to the gym or whatever it is that fuels you. Eat. Stay hydrated. Take your medications (seriously, do this). Nap. Sleep enough. Listen to relaxing podcasts. Sign off of Twitter and Facebook. I recently deleted the FB app off of my phone and I have to tell you, it’s made SUCH a difference in my life.

But, the best way to be politically active.

Love your neighbor.

Show an act of kindness to someone else.

Be the change.

With All the Hope,



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