Yeah, that sometimes needs to be yelled.

And I need to tattoo it to my hand so I can see it every time I go to close down my projects.

Last week I was moving blissfully through my manuscript, my word count high, things were going great. I knew that I was in for a truck load of revisions, but I was getting SO close to being done with this MS.

And then on Monday I opened my document.

All was lost.

Or at least a good portion of the new words I’d written lately were.

I did all my searches. I bought software to do more searches and look through the recesses of my hard drive. It was like I just dreamed those words. Almost 7000 words were just gone. Poof.

So, even though you are SURE that your Microsoft One app is syncing and that it’s also syncing to your dropbox and maybe you even have it set to save to your HD. Make sure. Save it. Email it to yourself. Don’t spend your Monday’s trying desperately to find the stupid 7000 words.

But on Tuesday I sat down and I worked. I knew that this MS needed a lot of fine tuning at the front end. My stakes weren’t high enough. I needed to flesh out my other MC more. I needed to fix a relationship problem between my other MC and her family. Losing those words made me sit down and do some of the hard work that it takes to fix it.

So, I guess not all was lost.


But seriously, back up your work. Everywhere. 

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