I have a shiny new idea I’m playing with.

With my last MS I kept messing around with my intention with the book. Like, I knew who was in it and what they were doing, but my stakes seemed too low. Or not right. Or just boring. So, while it’s got a lot of meat to it, it’s still in pretty bad shape.

But, while I was thinking the other night this new idea sort of slithered into my brain. It’s an idea I’ve wanted to write for a while, but I hadn’t nailed down my main character. Like the whirling dervish that she is, her personality sort of solidified itself in my brain.

But, to make sure I don’t struggle like I did with my last MS (which had other issues outside of just my own poor planning), I want to nail down eight to ten key points before I move forward. I don’t want to rush this either.

I’m hoping if I have this, I’ll be able to write and not feel too stalled out at times. Sort of an almost out-line. If I detail too much, then I get bored with the story and don’t want to finish.

Are you a plotter? Is it intense with lots of notes and ideas? Or is it more loose? Please tell me how you write so I can maybe be better at this whole drafting thing.

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