I am a recovering actor who has spent the last few years keeping tiny humans alive. In high school, I was determined to play a doctor on General Hospital and possibly add in a love story with Jonathan Jackson. I would spend hours toiling away on FanFiction for my AOL community and dreaming of the day I would accept a Daytime Emmy Award. In college, I majored in Theater Arts and spent lots of time hanging out in the box office. As a grown-up, I continued using that degree to teach middle schoolers all about the theater. I loved every second of those days.

Before any of that happened though, I had cancer. I was eight. It didn’t suck outright because I was only eight and it wasn’t like I had much of a social life outside of Jem and the Holograms. I was lucky that I responded to chemotherapy and that my amputation was fairly straightforward. I rock the one-legged look. I don’t wear a prosthesis and thanks to Nordstrom my deepest desire to be Imelda Marcos is coming true thanks to the single shoe sales.

I’m married to a pretty adorable guy who gives me my best lines. I have two girls, three cats, and a dog (who is pretty sure he’s human). We moved to NC a few years ago after I spent my entire life in and around Atlanta.

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